5 Crazy business ideas for beginners to start From scratch

Do you live in big town? But looking low-cost business ideas for beginners. But don’t know what to do? Here are some of the crazy business ideas that you are not heard off. Not every employee start with some specific ideas in mind. Some of the entrepreneur start their business with some skill set on their own.

  1. Bakery

Bakery is the one of the profitable business opportunity. So you can open home Bakery or shop. Make the cake and start making profit. If you don’t know how to cook a cake. Just search for a help video on the Youtube. They can help you to make the cake wonderful and taste. And don’t forget to do market research what are the price 1.5 or 2 kg cake is.

  1. Yoga

Learn yoga from the youtube and then open your own yoga center. Train other to make them healthy and fit. With this while making some money you can also maintain your health. Now a days yoga center don’t required venture. You can train people in the park also at the early morning.

  1. Ice cream business

Some of the people think Ice Cream business is the seasonal business. But your thinking is wrong opening the ice cream parlor at near the college or institute because teenager love ice cream. You can offer different type of shake with the ice-cream; try to different than other to attract the customer.

  1. Earn by Youtube

You can make prank video, funny video or even video with your cat. There are billions of user on the youtube which will watch your video from that you can make money. Youtuber like BB k wine are getting millions of view on their videos.

  1. Make a Killer website

Guys select your niche make the article every week. Do the SEO on page and off rank it. Set up AdSense on your blog after 3 month. And start earning money from that. But sometime doing SEO is not enough. You have to do Social media like Facebook and instagram build up your audiences, so that they can provide you traffic daily.

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